Chantell Waterson

Helping women become fitter & stronger & also build confidence so that they can embrace that bold, brave & beautiful goddess they are.

Hey there amazing woman!

Yes, I am talking to you, the one who is yearning to embrace her strength, independence, sexiness & divine power and not be afraid to show it to the world.

I know how it feels to be judged & criticised for the woman I am, what I look like & how I live my life.

It took many years of fighting within my own heart to find the courage to step up & say….“I am beautiful & worthy to be me without hesitation or limitation”.

With over 18 years experience in toning and weight loss, my aim is to help WOMEN build their physical strength & body confidence by teaching them the art of strength training & self-love coaching. I want to teach them that it is ok to feel and it’s ok to have a voice and to be their authentic selves.

This is more than just about fitness training & diet coaching. Health is far more than the combination of eating healthy & working out regularly. It is about the well-being of our INSIDE body, just as much as it is the OUTSIDE body. And that INSIDE body includes our minds & hearts.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Near or far, distance does not matter.  I came to know Chantell when living in South Africa.  When moving abroad to a country you do not even know existed until you move there, she still assisted me with training and meal plans that were a challenge by itself, because all the labels are in Lao and not English, that makes macros a headache.  She always had to send me my meal plan so that I could see what was available here and adjusted it accordingly, without complaining.

I can with confidence say that if you need a trainer that will walk that extra mile for you and not just collecting your money, she is the person that you want to train you.

Thank you Chantell, for all your efforts and being a SUPER trainer.”

Therina Grobler

“I have only been training with Chantell for a short while but believe she is the most committed and experienced trainer I have met.  She is focused on helping me with my goals and keeps me motivated with her encouragement and enthusiasm to see me doing well.

I train with her twice a week and my fitness has improved noticeably. She is involved and checks in with me to make sure I am doing okay.  With her help I finally feel positive about getting my health back and staying consistent with my exercise routine.”

Jacinta Cassisi

“If you’re considering a Personal Trainer I would highly recommend booking in a session with Chantell and make your decision from there.

My experience has been all round positive.  Chantell clearly has high level experience. So I am not in the least bit concerned that any of my training problems will present even the smallest challenge for her.

Six weeks in and my shoulders have an oddly strong sensation, something I’m unaccustomed to.  Im keen to get stronger and my sessions with Chantell are an immense source of guidance and motivation.”

Julia Tyrell

Feeling stuck? You are not stuck.

Feeling stuck? You are not stuck.

For probably the past 4 years I’ve been having this inner ‘struggle’ between who I am (then) and who I am (now). For years I was dieting, lifting heavy weights and competing. It was what I loved, what I knew and what I enjoyed. However…. That slowly started to change....

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