This is an area that’s neglected by almost everybody. It’s a shame too, because it’s easy, it works and not only will it help you get leaner, but it will also protect you against injury. So for now it’s a secret only known by a chosen few.

Stretching has an effect on metabolism and weight loss. Whether you like to call it stretching or yoga – the choice is yours.  Here’s what I’ve learned and why you should stretch everyday without fail:

Stretching Improves Digestion

Poor digestive function and a liver which isn’t operating well will slow down your metabolism without fail. Full body stretching which includes things like hand to toe stretched (standing and sitting) will act to reinvigorate your digestive process. This quickly leads to an increased metabolism as your body more efficiently eliminates toxins.

stretching and weight loss

Stretching Will Build Eye Appealing Muscle

Stretching helps build stronger and more visually appealing muscle. This added muscle, like we’ve touched on earlier, will boost your metabolism even further. For my women readers, this isn’t “huge” bodybuilding muscle, but it builds a toned and strong natural looking physique nearly everyone admires.

Stretching Enhances Circulation

If you are experiencing circulation issues, which you may be without even realizing it, they are also likely to be causing your metabolism to be sluggish.

Can you see how metabolism is a whole body concern? Getting your circulation flowing well again comes quickly with daily stretching sessions. For those into Eastern mysticism this circulation increase also serves to open up the body’s chakras and internal energy movement. The end result is looking and feeling better.

Stretching Helps Prevent Overeating

Stretching will work perfectly with your practice of eating multiple small meals in keeping extreme hunger away. Many clients have even found that a quick stretching session works to kill hunger when they are being faced with irritating food cravings. How’s that for a healthy appetite suppressant?

stretching and weight loss

Learning to Stretch

Intrigued, but unfamiliar with how to stretch or do Yoga? Don’t worry the learning curve for basic stretches is very small. I’d suggest you take these steps:

Ask A Friend For Instruction

Most of us know someone who does Yoga. Ask them to come by and teach you some basic stretches to do every morning. You can easily learn them in a few hours.

Join A Yoga School

Yoga and Pilates schools are everywhere. Many are very inexpensive. Stop by a school, take a class and help your metabolism. You may even greatly expand your positive social circle in the process!

stretching and weight loss

Watch Videos

While it is very difficult to teach stretches or Yoga from a distance, places like YouTube and Vimeo do offer some really awesome videos which can both help you learn and provide inspiration. Do a search and see what’s being offered.

Your body burning fat 24 hours a day is a sign of vibrant health. Stretching is one of the ways to build that health. Flexibility and fat loss are two awesome things, so dive in with enthusiasm!

How often do you stretch or do yoga?  Comment below!  I would love to hear from you!



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