Soulful Sunday. The time to reflect on the week that has past and to get ready for the new week ahead.

The past few weeks I have once again realized how important it is to be your authentic self. It can be challenging, scary and confusing sometimes because the world can make a noise that may make you feel uneasy. But… when we silence the noise and follow our hearts, that’s when the magic happens.

When you take a courageous leap of being unashamedly and utterly authentically you, you walk in your truth and that truth is felt by others.

By embracing who we are and being true to ourselves and following our hearts it can change the way we see and approach situations.

be authentic

So how do you know you’re being your authentic self??

You will be confident in yourself and what you stand for. You’ll take whatever life throws at you with a pinch of salt because tomorrow is a new day.

If this year has taught us 1 thing, it is that we’re never in control even though we like to think so. We have learnt a hug can really make you feel better. That health and quality of life is more important than any earthly belongings, those are replaceable.

Eat that ice cream!  Wear those white shoes!  Wear that outfit that you’re keeping for a special occasion!

be authentic

And above all FOLLOW YOUR HEART.  If you feel in your heart it’s right then do that! If you feel in your heart it’s not meant for you then it’s not!

Be unapologetically YOU!

be authentic



Each one of us are unique and wired to be great BUT it takes effort to discover it - a journey to source it out. 

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