When starting a fitness or weight loss journey you most likely have an idea of how you want to look or you are following someone that you admire, who inspires you and has a look or the body you would like.  It is always good to have a goal but what works for them may not work the same for you.  Everyone responds to food and exercise differently.

So what then?  What do you do?


We all started somewhere with a lot of trial and error.  There are so many diets, tips, guides and articles out there that can cause a lot of confusion.  The one article tells you how bad carbs and fats are and the next one tells you that you need them for optimal health.  The secret is to get the right BALANCE that will give YOUR body the BENEFITS and FUEL it needs and in turn your body will REWARD you by achieving your body GOAL – as long as you put in the work and give your body what it needs.

Trust your body. Learn from your body. Nourish your body. Watch your life transform and be healthy.

2 most asked quesions



1. How often do you train?

I average 4 strength training sessions per week. I find that I give 100% in those sessions and that my body gets enough time to recover. I also do yoga at least 2 – 3 times a week which depends on the time I have available.

2. Do you ever eat junk food?

I’m a routine person 😊  so ……..

Monday – Friday I eat mostly the same things because then I don’t have to think and I enjoy the food 😄  My breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day which consists of:

  • 50g Rolled Oats
  • 1 scoop Forever Ultra Shake (vanilla)
  • Forever Fiber
  • 1 tablespoon Chai Seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Splenda

And obviously I can’t start my day without my  shot glass of Forever Aloe Peaches Gel  🌱 🍑  and that first cup of coffee with Unsweetened Almond Milk  ☕️😍

I eat a variety of veggies, carbs and fruits and my diet is 90% plant based apart from one chicken meal I have at night.

questions I get asked often

I also have about 2 cheat meals a week 🐷 because it just helps me add extra calories to my week. Coming from the competing/bodybuilding scene, I have definitely adapted from there and I’m definitely not as strict. I live more of a healthy lifestyle which I enjoy and I don’t see as a “diet” it’s more like a way of life. I can however be VERY picky when it comes to a cheat meal because there’s nothing worse than a meal not hitting the spot 😞 That’s why I will always go with what I know hits the spot for me……. pizza 🍕 and Ben & Jerry’s 🍦🤤🤤

I have found that my body responds better to plant based and I definitely have more energy and less inflammation since I’ve been using Forever Living Aloe Vera products and following plant based principles.


✅ No inflammation

✅ More energy

✅  Better sleep

✅  Less bloated

✅  Clearer skin

✅  Stomach is more regular

✅  Better recovery

✅  Less anxious

✅  Body composition stays consistent

At the end of the day you need to find what works for you. I have trained many clients and each of them on a different journey with a different goal and therefore different ways of eating and different ways of training.  It all boils down to being consistent with the right plan and the right mindset 💜


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Each one of us are unique and wired to be great BUT it takes effort to discover it - a journey to source it out. 

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