Does the idea of dieting get to you?  Does it feel like it’s too much effort? Do you feel tired just thinking about it? Are you overthinking it?

Most common concerns when it comes to sticking to an eating plan are a lack of time, failing to prepare and most often family and social life concerns.  “I don’t want to cook two meals”, “I want to eat with my family”, “I’m going out to dinner, what should I eat?”.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be or feel like a tedious chore!  I thought I’d share my secrets to make you see how easy it can be.


Here are my 5 secrets to sticking to a ‘diet’


1.  First of all you shouldn’t see it as a ‘DIET’

It’s more a NUTRITION PLAN that becomes a habit or lifestyle.  If you can’t comfortably ‘stick’ to it and make it a way of life and you find it ‘hard’, then it’s not for you!

2.  Getting to know your body and what foods work for you and what foods don’t, is a process.

By not getting enough of the right balance of healthy, nutritious food and calories (carbs, protein and fats) your body needs, you will end up with cravings and you will fail again and again.

secrets to sticking to a diet

3.  Not eating enough will leave you feeling tired and deprived and limit your progress that you want

Same with eating too much.  If you eat more than you burn then that can limit your weight/fat loss and eating the wrong food will leave you feeling exhausted and demotivated.  I have found that many of my clients don’t eat enough.  Their protein consumption is too low 90% of the time, they are scared of carbs and scared of fat because fat is bad and carbs make you fat right???  WRONG!!!!!  Both fats (the RIGHT fat in the right AMOUNT) is needed for optimal health. Same with carbs. It’s all about getting the balance that works for you right.

4.  Another concern with ‘diet’ is how to make it work with social activities and weekends.

My theory – If you can keep it clean 5 days a week, then you can be more relaxed over a weekend.  And with that I’m not saying you go crazy and overindulge on junk!!!!  Just keep it clean and make healthy choices and make your food at home!  I tend to plan my “cheat meals” around social gatherings or events, that way I know I won’t feel guilty and my progress will still be there.

5.  A big concern for most women is that they don’t want to make completely different food for                their families.

Here’s the good news: YOU DON’T!!  Healthy eating can be tasty and will benefit the whole family.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring, tasteless meals.  It’s time to get creative! Buy a recipe book if you need to!  Your family won’t even notice the healthier versions and they will benefit in the long run.


secrets to dieting

Any one of these secrets could be the one that moves the needle for you and helps you hit this goal right away. And one of these secrets probably speaks to you more than the other ones!

What was your favorite secret? Comment below



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