Stronger in 6 Weeks


Gain physical and mental strength with this 6 week training program.


  • Progress Tracking
  • Weekly check-in’s
  • 2-way messaging
  • Meal Plan

Have you ever pushed your boundaries when it comes to weight training? Do you know what you are capable of?  This program will not only get you physically stronger but will make you mentally stronger too.

Upon purchase you will receive a link where you will be able to download an app called Trainerize.  Follow the steps, add your details, photos and measurements so that we can keep track of your progress.  You will be able to see what you need to do every day by following the workouts set out on the calendar.  The workouts are equiped with "how to" videos to make sure you do the exercises correctly and get the results you are looking for.

This 6 week program involves heavy weight training sessions for optimal results to get you stronger and build lean muscle.  I recommend following a tailored meal plan with this workout to make sure you get the desired results you want and get the proper nutrition your body needs to perform these exercises and to help with recovery afterwards.


  • Weekly check-in's
  • Progress Tracking
  • 2-way Messaging
  • Meal Plan


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this review.

Let me start by saying that before you were my PT I hated training, only ever did It  coz I knew,  I had to in order to keep the love handles away.... Then I met you through my partner and training all of the sudden stoped being a burden and became fun. You made the sessions feel like a blink of an eye.

This in my view is because of your level of understanding, which allows you to explain in detail the technique, muscles being trained and the reason behind it. The sessions and plans were properly and meticulously tailored to exactly what I wanted, and above all in each session I was the most important person at that moment memt for you, you did help and you were attentive and not simply gave me exercise to complete and went off chatting with someone else.

All of the above was reflected in commitment from my part and above all results, I had never look so good 😊,
thanx you, thank you and thank you so so so much for everything you did for me and if I didn’t have to relocate to Sydney would have continue training with you till the end of days."


“Thank you Chantell for the amazing training programmes you have always given and always changing my diet to suit my lifestyle.  Nothing is ever too much trouble!”



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