personal training
12 week stronger and leaner

Personal Training

  • 1 on 1  Personal Training


–  45 minute training session

–  Assessment

–  Nutritional Guidance

–  Sign up for 3 sessions/week and receive a tailored meal plan

  • Online Personal Training

This includes:

–  Training Program

–  Meal Plan

–  Weekly Check-in


  • All Inclusive VIP Package

This includes:

–  Two 45 minute 1on1 sessions per week

–  Tailored Meal Plan

–  Online Training Plan

–  Assessments

–  Adjustments to meal plan and training     

     program every 4 – 6 weeks



Nutrtition Plans & Guidance

Helping you find a balanced plan to suit your needs towards optimum health that can become a lifestyle rather than a ‘diet’.

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