I’m very pleased to tell the world how good you are.

 Along my gym life, I’ve trained with five different PTs and had good experiences with most of them. Chantell is my latest PT, I started training with her since February 2020 till the first week of June 2020. Before we started training, I remember when I saw her for the first time I was training by myself at the gym and it was her “back” day, I couldn’t stop watching her, she was so focussed on it and I was impressed because of the quality of the technique I didn’t hesitate to ask her if she could train me. 

Things that I always look for in a PT are commitment, help, orientation, motivation, dedication and focus, which could be found in Chantell. She is quality, kindness, motivation, improvement and someone who tought me that if I really want to achieve my gym goals, I need to work hard for it, constantly, with discipline. But this can be done in fun way. Unfortunately I had to relocate to Sydney but I would not think about it twice if I was in Perth to train with her. 

I have nothing but good things to say about her and can never thank her enough for everything she has done for me. 

Sergio Tovar

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this review.

Let me start by saying that before you were my PT I hated training, only ever did It coz I knew,  I had to in order to keep the love handles away…. Then I met you through my partner and training all of the sudden stopped being a burden and became fun. You made the sessions feel like a blink of an eye.

 This in my view is because of your level of understanding, which allows you to explain in detail the technique, muscles being trained and the reason behind it. The sessions and plans were properly and meticulously tailored to exactly what I wanted, and above all in each session I was the most important person at that moment for you, you did help and you were attentive and not simply gave me exercise to complete and went off chatting with someone else.

All of the above was reflected in commitment from my part and above all results, I had never looked so good,
thank you, thank you and thank you so so so much for everything you did for me and if I didn’t have to relocate to Sydney would have continue training with you till the end of days.

Juan Castro

I have been training with Chantell for almost a year and during that time I have learnt so much from her, not just about weight training but more importantly discovering the mental connection we have with our own body.

For me personally I have always enjoyed training in a gym. Since training with Chantell she has given me an opportunity for self-discovery and a sense of purpose. She has inspired me to overcome my mental and physical blocks which has given me a whole new experience of fitness training. She is methodical in her approach, giving clear instructions and paying particular attention to form and movement.    

Chantell is professional, sincere, motivating and encouraging and really takes the time to get to know you and understand your personal fitness goals. I always look forward to my personal training sessions due to her genuine care.     

For me the best investment is investing in oneself. All you need is someone to guide you in the right direction. I have discovered my potential is limitless from training with Chantell.

Jessica Stephens

“If you’re considering a Personal Trainer I would highly recommend booking in a session with Chantell and make your decision from there.

My experience has been all round positive.  Chantell clearly has high level experience. So I am not in the least bit concerned that any of my training problems will present even the smallest challenge for her.

Six weeks in and my shoulders have an oddly strong sensation, something I’m unaccustomed to.  Im keen to get stronger and my sessions with Chantell are an immense source of guidance and motivation.”

Julia Tyrell

“I have only been training with Chantell for a short while but believe she is the most committed and experienced trainer I have met.  She is focused on helping me with my goals and keeps me motivated with her encouragement and enthusiasm to see me doing well.

I train with her twice a week and my fitness has improved noticeably. She is involved and checks in with me to make sure I am doing okay.  With her help I finally feel positive about getting my health back and staying consistent with my exercise routine.”

Jacinta Cassisi

“Near or far, distance does not matter.  I came to know Chantell when living in South Africa.  When moving abroad to a country you do not even know existed until you move there, she still assisted me with training and meal plans that were a challenge by itself, because all the labels are in Lao and not English, that makes macros a headache.  She always had to send me my meal plan so that I could see what was available here and adjusted it accordingly, without complaining.

I can with confidence say that if you need a trainer that will walk that extra mile for you and not just collecting your money, she is the person that you want to train you.

Thank you Chantell, for all your efforts and being a SUPER trainer.”

Therina Grobler

I’ve been a client of Chantell’s for a year now and in that time, what a change I have noticed not just in my body and strength, but in my mindset towards exercise!

I was never someone who enjoyed going to the gym and working out so when I signed up to Goodlife in Subiaco, I certainly didn’t expect to find a PT who fit my needs.

Every PT I have had in the past has been extremely pushy, not acknowledging my body’s energy and limits when doing the exercises. Chantell on the other hand is extremely switched on when it comes to your body’s limits, intuitive to your energy levels and is always encouraging you to do your best, not pushing you to over-exert yourself to the point of potential injury.

I started my sessions with Chantell in October with one goal in mind at the time- be more confident in a bikini by Christmas 2019, which gave me two months to work towards my goals. Needless to say, that goal was smashed out of the ball park and I have never been so confident with my body than what I am now.

With Chantell’s guidance, I made diet adjustments as well and started noticing results quite quickly.  I absolutely slipped up more than once,  we are only human but you know what, I just jumped right back on the exercise and diet wagon with Chantell’s full support.

Now, my goals are to refine my body further and build up my strength which I am already noticing a huge difference. My upper body strength was shocking compared to my lower body (that was the main focus for me for a while as I hated my bum! Now I love it) so we started focussing on more upper body exercises and already I have increased my weights more than double to what I started with.
I also look forward to my gym sessions now, they’re the highlight of my day and I definitely struggle if I go a couple of days without one!

Chantell started out as my PT but over the year she has also become one of my very good friends. She knows her stuff inside and out, and she will always be there to help you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.

Thank you for supporting me Chantell! You are a star ⭐️

Stephanie Simpson

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